Bon Maxie

Mini Sidekick Bags

$120 $189.95

Ducking out or going out?

Grab and go with your Mini Sidekick – a clutch, wristlet pouch, shoulder bag AND wallet, with 2 straps. Gusseted design means no sacrificing ANY essentials, and internal wallet features mean you’ve got extra room to stash sunnies and snacks.


*Full-grain, LARGE pebble leather with Bon Maxie BNE (Brisbane) plaque. Gusseted to actually fit more than a standard 2D pouch – can even fit sunglasses in a slimline case or placed on top.

*Comes with chain shoulder strap AND comfortable wrist strap

*3 slots for 6+ card capacity back zipped pocket doubles up as a coin pouch AND back hidden pocket that doubles up as notes section!

*Internal key clip for safe KEY-ping. Perfect for securing your keys.

*Thick, lighter-coloured silk lining so you can actually see in your bag + unpatterned so no confusing your eyes

*Oversized, easy-grip, Bon-Maxie-fox-head-logo-shaped zip tab


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