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Keyring Bottle Opener 18+


Don't you hate it when you're at a party and someone hands you a beer and it's a not a fucking twist top and you're stuck looking for the one fucking bottle opener that the host put out, then it turns out Shazza fucking forgot to put it back? You won't get caught out anymore with your Boozy Bitch keyring bottle opener in your pocket ready to save the night!

The perfect funny keyring bottle opener at just $10 it makes the perfect funny gift for birthdays, Christmas secret santas, housewarmings or gifting to the host of your next Friday night piss up.

Keyring bottle opener features

It's a keyring AND a bottle get two for the price of one!

Chuck your keys on it to make sure you are never caught out without a bottle opener again.

Product Details

Dimensions: 85mm x 39mm x 2mm

Material: Aluminium

Origin: Designed in Australia. Made in China.


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