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That's How Eye Roll Brush Set | Ela Cosmetics


Get everything you need to create gorgeous eye makeup looks with the That's How Eye Roll Brush Set. 12 eye brushes designed for precise application and blending.

The bigger brushes are great for blending colours and the smaller ones for applying shades and build details. 

Includes 12 eye brushes:

  • E19 - Blending Brush
  • E20 - Precise Flat Brush
  • E21 - Luxe Blending Brush
  • E22 - Detailed Blending Brush
  • E23 - Fluffy Shader Brush
  • E24 - Angled Blending Brush
  • E25 - Precise Shader Brush
  • E26 - Mini Blending Brush
  • E27 - Mini Shader Brush
  • E28 - Precise Angled Brush
  • E29 - Precise Definer Brush
  • E30 - Precise Liner Brush


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