Saide - Botanica Interior Fragrance Spray


botanica, inspired by nature and Australian florals; we have created a feminine, earthy, coastal-boho style interior fragrance. Triple scented, highly fragranced spray, simply spritz in the centre of your room with two pumps and quickly your space smells ahh-mazing for hours!

Perfect for every room in the house; we particularly love them in our lounge, bedroom + bathroom- great for a quick refresh when guests come over! Also a great spray to take while travelling to freshen up your accommodation!

This is a high quality perfume grade room spray. Lightly mist over your bed linens for fragrance that lasts for days!

*Tip: When you start to burn your candle of the same fragrance or similar palette, spritz the room spray so the scent fills the room immediately, while you wait for the candle to melt and infuse the room of fragrance.



High quality Australian fragrance, triple scented

Natural dried botanicals 

Bottle: Glass, Bamboo

Use within: 2 years 


Packaging: saide calico bag

Handmade in Australia.


Dried botanical arrangements vary. You will receive one similar to the ones listed. 

*Before spraying as a linen spray, please spray onto a test patch area to ensure it does not discolour or mark your linen or clothing.


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