Art By Bronwyn David

DIY Earring Kits

Have you ever wanted to design your own earrings or have a special friend that is absolutely impossible to buy for?
Maybe have a girl's night in and hand paint your very own earrings.

This super awesome gift box allows you to paint your own designs onto each leather piece. If you don’t like the shape, just trim it with some scissors.

Being on a hoop, you can also interchange the pieces to whatever you want, pink one day green the next. The possibilities are huge.

In this gift box you will receive:

13 pairs of pre-cut leather pieces
4 stainless steel hoops
10 acrylic paints
2 paintbrushes
paint palette
Mini canvas

All you need is a cup of water to wash your brush and a paper towel or a plastic sheet to paint your pieces on.

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