Saide - Gold Tin Candle

From 89 days of scents we have selected six of the most requested and popular fragrances thanks to our amazing community!

Australian outback. Inhale the Australian outdoors with the beautiful fresh scent of crushed Australian leaves. Citrusy, green and fresh - blended with pure Australian essential oils. 

Top: Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Eucalyptus

Middle: Eucalyptus Blue Gum, Peppermint Eucalyptus 

Base: Cypress, Tea Tree


Espresso Martini. WOW, this one smells like you have been shaking up espresso martini’s! Smell the strong notes of espresso on first inhale, then enjoy the sweetness from the chocolate, caramel and vanilla come through at the end.

Top: Coffee, Vodka

Middle: Cocoa, Caramel

Base: Vanilla, Burnt Sugar


Campfire. That campfire smell - yes! 🔥 Smoky, woody, unisex - it’s got that smell of burning wood! All you need is a bag of marshmallows! 

Top Notes: Cardamom, Lime, Pine 

Middle Notes: Leather, Tobacco, Clove leaf

Base Notes: Saffron, Musk, Cedarwood

#59 Pomegranate.

We had this one when we first launched Saide in 2016 and we discontinued it a year or two later. We still get requests for to this day, so here it is! It’s light and fruity, not too overpowering and has a creamy finish.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Lemon

Middle Notes: Pomegranate, Lily

Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood


#87 Day Spa.

It’s a pretty soft floral with a sea breeze and gentle warm woody notes. Perfect to create a soft, gentle and calm vibe to your space. 

Top Notes: Neroli, Apple Blossom, Hyacinth

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Gardenia, Pink Carnation

Base Notes: Clove, Sandalwood, Incense


#88 Whitsundays.

A seriously good and unique coconut scent with berry, floral and creamy warm base notes of vanilla. After many attempts of perfecting the right coconut scent to add to the Saide range, this is it! Nothing better than a delicious coconut fragrance to burn all summer long that brings beach holiday vibes. Yes!

Top Notes: Coconut, Guava, Berry

Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine

Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, White Musk


100% Soy Wax Candle

Australian fragrance

Tin: Gold

Wick: Cotton

Burn time: up to 22hrs

Handmade in Brisbane.


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