Cameron Neve

Good Human Leisure Club


What does it mean to be a Good Human?

What qualities would it take to join the Good Human Leisure Club?

Honesty? Integrity? Kindness? Loyalty? Compassion? Respect? Humble? Authentic? 

and no doubt many more redeeming qualities could be listed to get membership!

Sounds like a great place to go.

Let's make the whole world a Good Human Leisure Club...

So grab a tee and join the club, hopefully others will follow and the world becomes a better place!.

Available in the SOFT tee style:

Natural beige toned Tee with pink, blue, white and orange print.

We have created this tee in a colour that has become much loved.

The print is a very popular combination seen with this colour base.

Loose Boxy Fit.

100% cotton, with a 'peachy' finish so soft and luxurious to touch!  But light weight at the same time.

Ethically Sourced, Designed & Printed in Australia


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