Ohh De Naturale

Green Clay Mask


With only the best natural ingredients, this Green Clay Mask is perfect for Oily & Acne prone skin!

This Green Clay Mask is the saviour for anyone who suffers from Acne or Oily skin.

Green Clay has the ability to mop up excess oils that clog pores that leads to acne. It’s a powerful all natural deep cleanser that helps balance the pH of the skin. The Tea Tree powder is wonderful for anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties. It calms redness,swelling & reduces acne scars. Rosehip powder stimulates collagen production & helps with anti-aging. Treats redness & inflammation, Brightens & heals, moisturizes, combats UV damage & dark spots. Bentonite Clay assists in treating Acne & excess oils to remove unwanted excess Sebum from the surface of the skin, it also has a calming effect on the skin. Now what’s not to love about all that!

Ingredients Australian Green clay, Organic Rosehip powder, Organic Tea Tree powder & Australian Bentonite Clay.

Comes in a 125ml pot powder to paste.

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