Balanced By The Sea

Grounded - calming blend



To promote balance & tranquility

An earthy blend of essential oils to encourage the mind and body into a state of balance. This comforting combination alleviates stress and nervous tension and promotes a sense of peace and tranquility. Perfect to use when feeling unsettled or overwhelmed.


Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Black Spruce Essential Oil, Marjoram Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil & Lavender Essential Oil.

Benefits of Essential Oils

This aromatherapy essential oil blend includes:

  • Black Spruce – calming, soothing and grounding. Ability to balance emotions and calm an anxious mind, creating emotional stability
  • Frankincense – comforting and protective, assists when life gets too busy and emotional and physical reserves are low
  • Marjoram – alleviates stress, tension and anxiety, promoting peace and tranquility
  • Lavender – ability to restore unbalanced emotional states to a level where healing can take place

Applying Your Roll On Essential Oils

Directions of use: gently apply roller blend to pressure points on the wrists and behind the ears for optimal absorption and benefit.

Safety & Precautions

  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
  • Warning: Not suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding or on children

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