Untamed Gypsy

Happiness Herbal Wand


Use your Happiness herbal wand to remove negative vibrations of any kind, replacing them with a positive higher energy frequency.

AFFIRMATION "I am in charge of how I feel, and I choose to feel happy."

Hand wrapped herbal wand of mugwort, and dried flowers, infused with the crystal energy of raw Lemon Quartz or Clear Quartz for powerful intention setting. A powerful addition to your daily rituals.

CLEAR QUARTZ - Raises energy to the highest possible level. Unblocks and clears stagnant energy.

LEMON QUARTZ  Optimism, well being and creativity, in addition to all the normal qualities of clear quartz.

••You will receive ONE herbal wand from the ones pictured here, intuitively chosen for you••

Lemon or Clear Quartz Crystal
100% Cotton thread

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