Cheeky Little Monkeys

Panadol Earrings


Do boring earrings give you a headache? Well we've got the cure for you - Panadol earrings!

The perfect accessories to wear after a big night out, when the day is just too much to handle, or just anytime you want to get attention and draw a smile. They are also the ideal gift for the nurse, pharmacist or even teacher in your life.

Available in dangle or stud style.

  • Dangle - Panadol approx. 35mm x 15mm.
  • Stud - Panadol approx. 18mm x 10mm 

Nurofen earrings also available, so you can choose a matching pair of Panadol earrings or a mixed pair of one Panadol earring and one Nurofen earring!


Please note: these earrings are NOT waterproof! As they are made from wood and paper, Cheeky Little Monkeys does not recommend getting them wet.

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