Ohh De Naturale

Pink Clay Mask


With only the best natural ingredients, this pink clay mask is perfect for normal to

sensitive skin! This is not a plain old mask. This Mask is a masterpiece with the

combination of Acai Berry the warrior in the anti-aging war. It’s loaded with

antioxidants, abundant in vitamins A, B, C & E and other minerals that extract &

assist skin to revive, heal & restore damaged cells. Pomegranate provides high levels of vitamin C which benefits skin tissue growth, reduces scars & slows

down aging of skin. Hibiscus helps purify the skin by breaking down dead skin it

increases cell turnover & controls Acne. Lavender powder is amazing for anti-inflammatory issues, it’s antibacterial, tones, heals & is amazing for skin

conditions like eczema, psoriasis & relaxes the skin.

Ingredients Australian Pink Clay Organic

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