Reishi- by Superfeast


Made by Mason and Superfeast team in Northern NSW.

Considered one of the top herbs in the Daoist tradition, SuperFeast Reishi is sustainably grown on Duanwood and carefully dual-extracted. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to balance Spirit, support health immune system function and improve sleep quality / deep sleep.

Rigorous and independently tested to ensure purity – we test for metals, pesticides, moulds, microbials and more, twice; in house and with TGA accredited facilities.

Ingredients • Semi-wild duanwood-grown, dual-extracted red reishi mushroom fruiting body extract powder.


  • Heart & immune system
  • Stress management
  • Liver, kidneys & lungs
  • Cardiovascular function
  • Healthy sleep & mood
  • Jing, Qi & Shen


Mix 200 mg in 250 ml warm water and drink immediately. Take it three times a day.

Works well in hot or cold drinks, broths and meals.

SOURCED • Di Dao from China’s Dabie Mountains.

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