Glass Seastraws


 Single straw set includes a glass straw of your choice + cleaning brush + cotton pouch. The pouch keeps the straw safe and clean in your bag so you can bring it everywhere you go.

Choose your size!

Everyday Seastraws - are 20 cm long and 9 mm wide, similar size to a standard plastic straw. Perfect for juices and thinner smoothies.

The Smoothie Straws-  are best reusable straw for all smoothies. Length and width: 23 cm  x 12 mm.

Reusable glass straws are made by borosilicate glass. A high-quality and extra durable material which is:

Non Toxic, BPA Free, Hypoallergenic, Dishwasher safe.

    Due to the non-porous structure of borosilicate glass no bacteria from your drink will forever get stuck inside of your reusable straw. Meaning the risk of getting sick from using Seastraws is extremely unlikely. 

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