Shitake- by Superfeast


Made by Mason and Superfeast team in Northern NSW.

Considered the ‘elixir of life’ by Japanese elders, this superfood mushroom is a nutrition powerhouse and one of the greatest mushrooms for immunity. We add this powerful extract to meals to lift flavour and keep everyone healthy. 

The general consensus is that this is the most delicious of all of our extract powders, it's like the most delicious and nutritious mushroom stock powder you can imagine. We upgrade all of our soups, misos, stews and more with this incredible immune fortifier.

Shiitake bursts with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Long prized in the Orient, traditionally harvested wild in China during the Ming Dynasty, however the Japanese worked out how to cultivate shiitake on logs.  The suffix -’take’ means 'fruit of the mushroom' in Japanese and the prefix ‘shii’- refers to the type of tree the mushie grows on, in this case a Japanese tree similar to birch.


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