Simple Magnetic Vase


Upgrade your home decor with this stunning Wall Propagation Vase and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Whether you're an avid plant lover or simply seeking a unique wall accent, this vase is sure to impress. This unique vase is a perfect addition to any room, adding a dash of rustic elegance and a green, lively ambiance.

Product Details:
🌿 Designed with Love: Each Wall Propagation Vase is carefully designed and printed by me.

🌱 Versatile Design: Our propagation vase features a minimalist yet captivating design that suits a variety of interior styles, from boho chic to modern farmhouse.

🪴 Botanical Beauty: This vase is perfect for displaying your favourite cuttings, succulents, or air plants.

🌾 Easy Installation: Hanging this vase is a breeze. Simply use mounting strips to attach it to your wall and it's ready to display your greenery in style.

🎨 Customizable: Choose from a selection of colours and styles (see other listings for different styles).

These vases are made from PLA, a plastic that's light weight and generally recognised as safe and is derived from natural sources such as corn.

Care Instructions:
To keep your Wall Propagation Vase looking its best, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth when needed. Keep it out of direct sunlight to preserve its finish and protect your plants from overexposure.


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