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If you’re anything like us, you love giving gifts as much as you love getting them! One glimpse inside our stores will show you've stumbled upon a mecca of handmade gifts just waiting to be wrapped up for that special someone. In truth, our handmade gifts don't just come with a pretty little bow — which they do actually— but they come with a story! A person that made them, we know where they are from, their passions, their motivations, and their why! You won't find anything here that you would in the big retailers. We’re special, and we know that you are too. 

Handmade gifts brisbane

Five out-of-the-box occasions to give Handmade Gifts Brisbane

Make-it-feel-like-home Gift 

If you’ve moved house more than the average person, you’ll understand the importance of surrounding yourself with meaningful things. Let’s bless this mess with a bit of fun, quirk, and good old Aussie humour! From plantlife to salad servers, we have so much to treat you with. The difference is even though it may not be your forever home, our range of handmade gifts will make it feel like home, wherever you are. From handmade ceramics such as trinket trays and hand carved mugs that are easy to pack, meaningful and heartfelt to the make-an-impact art piece to hang on any wall to brighten your day.

Self Love Moment

When times get tough, sometimes all you need is a little self love to be reminded of who you are and how well you can cope with life's little — and let's face it — big challenges! Send a care package to a loved one featuring some of our stunning Australian health and beauty gifts. Sink deep and soak away the day in some high vibe bath salts. Roll beautiful blends of essential oils over pulse points, indulge in a grounding self massage with a jade facial roller or sit back and relax with a natural face mask. Giving this gift to yourself, or your loved one will earn you some serious brownie points in the special stakes.

Welcome Baby (with a difference) 

When baby comes home, sometimes we all need a little extra TLC! If mama needs a little pick me up, more often than not we’re reaching for the sweet treats or send in the big guns with a restorative warm drink by Mason’s Mushrooms perfect for that 3pm slump. When sleep deprivation is a thing, but you can't seem to switch off brew up some Organic Sleep Tea by Organics for Lily, handmade by Naturopath Melissa, in Melbourne.

Friendship Gifts

If you just want to say “ Hi, I appreciate you!” You can with a plethora of cute friendship gifts that we can even wrap and put a pretty little bow on. When you can’t be there, there’s always a way to be there. We love the herbal wands by Untamed Gypsy a handmade gift designed to remind the recipient that life is meant for living and enjoying.  If you are looking for something a little bespoke, contact us to put together a cute little package. Or, if you are lucky enough to be in the same spot try a get together with a game of fun favourite Life Choices - Adult Card Game it’s the game that will get everyone talking, laughing or crying!

The Choose your Own

When you just can’t choose —because everything’s just so darn cute— you can always fall back on A Collective Store Gift Card. Give them the pick of handmade gifts Brisbane has to offer! Right to their grateful fingertips while you sit back and reap those gift giving feels. Whether it’s a birthday, special occasion or just a brighten-up-your-day gift you're seeking, we are here to shake up your shopping. So be the person that gives the gift that supports local, make it that little bit more special. Ask us who made your gift, about their story, we’d love to share it with you! 

Next time you are buying a present lets make it handmade gifts Brisbane! With everything you see here online, this is just a slice of the action that we have in store. Pop in for a visit, try on and some well deserved retail therapy. Love local with us at The Collective Store. If you love the idea of VIP shopping with us join our monthly shopping events, there’s bubbles, giggles and warm welcomes all round just let us know where suits you best Wynnum or Camp Hill add we’ll add you to our VIP list.

Handmade Gifts Brisbane

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